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Captivate a Blog Audience

Written by Free Graphic Images on June 19, 2013. Posted in Uncategorized

People are 44 percent more likely to interact with social media content that contains pictures. Pictures are interesting. They bring ideas and information to life. Using free blog images can help to bring your blog to life.

Since the invention of photograph, humanity has rapidly become focused on visuals. The power of photographs has been used for decades. Pictures in the early 1900s helped to gain rights for workers. When people are reading about a story or learning some information, it resonates more deeply with them if there is a picture to visualize what is being shared.

Today, blogging is a mainstream activity. Individuals, businesses, schools, and interest groups create blogs to promote their cause, follow an area of interest, or share some of their knowledge. Free images for blogs can help to make all of those purposes more powerful.

A free blog image takes much less commitment than reading an article or blog submission. While reading a post could take a few minutes, a glance at a free blog image can tell a whole story in seconds. The images also stick in the minds of people.

The average attention span is not very long. Reading an entire article is difficult and wastes time. The chances that the article are forgotten are pretty good if it is not interesting. However, a free blog image can capture the article in a picture, enhancing the words and giving the readers something to remember.