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Are Your Blog Readers Losing Interest Before Your Blog Ends?

Written by Free Graphic Images on August 28, 2013. Posted in Uncategorized

Have you ever seen the blog “Hyperbole and a Half?” If so, then you would know that she is a fantastically funny blogger who highlights the story beats of her blog with her own computer drawn images. In fact, one such image went viral, and became a meme (the “All the things!” meme, if you were wondering).

The point I am getting to is that she uses these images to break up the big blocks of text, give her readers a rest, and literally show something to highlight whatever point. These images are a big part of why she was so successful. If you want your blog to have more success, then learn a lesson from hers, and get some free images for blogs that you can use!

It does not matter what kind of blog you run. Humor, sports, cooking. There are plenty of free images for blogs around the web. I am not saying that your blog is bad, or your writing is bad, or that your posts are boring, but free images for blogs will definitely help your readers get through each and every post. This is nothing against you.

The Internet is short attention span theater, and large pieces of text with only a few breaks will lose us as readers. However, if you insert some properly timed free images for blogs, then you can properly pace your blog so that the attention breaks and then resets. Without free images for blogs, the attention of the reader will fray and fray until eventually it snaps and the interest is gone. They move on and the rest of your blog goes unread.

There is also a variety of different kind of pictures you can use. If you are not as artistically skilled as the author of Hyperbole and a Half, then you can perhaps use some free photos for blogs, which are a plenty. If you want to post something that has a lot of information, like an argument or something, then you can use infographics for blog, which you can generate online for free.

Hopefully, this helps you get more readers, and helps whatever readers you have stay interested in your blog until the end. If you have any opinions, or concerns about what free images for blogs to use, then feel free to ask in the comments!